The aim was to respond to the Sunday Photo Fiction challenge based on a photo prompt by A Mixed Bag 2012.
It turned out to be one of those days when the words kept eluding me. What eventually came together was a children’s poem.

I am cheating a little bit here with a 200 word preamble and a 320 words poem, but its a genre that I have never tried, so I am going ahead and including the poem as a link.

Writer’s Block

A house fly on a keypad – I’m tempted to reach for the duster. Who sees a fly and picks up a camera rather than a squatter? A creative eye, that’s who, I tell myself. There is much beauty in the mundane.


I need to write a 200 words story.

I put different hats on my protagonist – a bug, a spy, a shape shifter, a fly in a dirty room. Beyond a few lines, nothing takes shape. I make him the antagonist. Think Jeff Goldblum. Why did he have to die? If vampires and werewolves can make sexy boyfriends, why not a fly? They could have ended with him wrapping his wings around his girl as they have their moment. But we associate flies with dirt and disease. No one wants a filthy boyfriend. Then I wonder… We humans occupy all the best places and chase God’s other creatures away, forcing them to seek refuge in squalor. We deprive them of options yet they get the disrepute.

OK. I was getting nowhere with this prompt. I decide to sleep on it.

It was when I was almost dozing off, that Inzy the Fly suddenly came to life.


Please read Inzy Saves the Day here.

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