This is not art, this is shameless exhibitionism,” he had ranted.

How does one define art?
Does he not understand that to define art is to limit it!

Art is not what you see, it is what you feel. It speaks to your soul, is heard in the very depths of your body where it resonates with meaning. What that meaning is, is up to you. Art is everywhere and in everything. Art requires no canvas and everything is art’s canvas.
It is in the music of the winds, in the dance of the meadow, in the shimmering canvas painted by sunshine bouncing off the grass, in the swirl of the crimson flowing through her veins and the rhythm of the heart thumping in her chest.

Does he not see that art is wholly and completely selfless, and because of this, it is beautifully shamelessly and unconstrained!

In response to Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 18 challenge
Image credited to Felix Russell-Saw

9 thoughts on “Unapologetic… Unconstrained…

  1. Oh so true — art is what you feel as much as what you see — and it is everywhere and in everything…lovely lines. Thank you for another wonderful story ❤


  2. I did like this and I agree with you about art..so often I go to exhibitions where my son’s work is displayed and look at other works which sometimes grab and often times don’t but I figure what I like is what I like and others obviously like other things and that’s how it should be.


    1. Exactly. Sometimes even the great masters don’t speak to me. At other times street artists enthral. It’s a very personal experience.
      Nice to know your son is an artist. Is any of his work online?

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