“What is it Precioussss?”

Gollum single handedly ruined the word precious for me. It went from being a term of endearment to a creepy psychotic reference.If someone called you precious, beware, they might just eats you.

I just couldnt imagine that a creature like him, despite the endearing eyes, could have once been a Hobbit. Hobbits look like us. A little shorter with disproportionate feet, but normal nonetheless. But Gollum? Yikes!

Took several years and experiences later to realise that the caricature was inspired by reality. That there are people so obsessed with amassing wealth and power or defeating death, that they indeed loose humanity and gain twisted minds. Physical evolution may be too slow to see the physical deformity, but there are so many emotional Gollums out there. They have pockets in which they keeps teeth sharpening rocks and scraps of bat wings. You just can’t see it, Precious.

In response to the Stream of Consciousness prompt word “Precious”

6 thoughts on “Precioussss

  1. I am very in-tuned with you on this as that was my first thought when I saw this prompt but coming from the “gentile” south of the US, this is a prominent word, however it does get use rudely and sarcastically. I like to use it in regard to the cuteness of baby animals.

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