A hush descended upon the office. I looked at my watch – 10 a.m. on the dot.

It was the same every day. People came in, went around chatting, or checking email. Some went for coffee. At least the stuff that was being passed off as coffee. But by 10, we were all seated at our desks like timorous convent girls waiting for Mother Superior to walk in and inspect her trophy office.

Which she probably believed that she was.

Picture Meryl Steep in The Devil Wears Prada – that was her. Angel Marcus. Our very own boss from hell. Her name a big f’ing irony.

I was taking another quick look to ensure that the file was in order when the lift dinged its arrival.

I steeled my nerves for the grating of her heels that would soon follow. A click click click that went bang bang bang on my head. The drums of hell.

Instead there was a gentle shuffle.

The entire office turned around.

Huh! Morpheus from HR?

“Good Morning everyone,” he started. “I am here to inform you that Mrs. Marcus is no longer with our company. Her replacement will be here in a week or so. Meanwhile continue the good work. Ms. Betty, you will handle all approvals and authorizations. Necessary privileges will be enabled with the hour. Thank you.”

Could a hush get any more silent? Apparently, it could!

Morpheus was about to get back into the lift when Betty called out. “Morpheusss… Come on. Give us the deets. What happened?”

23 pairs of eyes looked at him expectantly.

“Err. You didn’t hear this from me. But I gather that the Board of Directors had an emergency meeting yesterday and she was let go. No one expected it to happen. It was quite a shock. She was most upset.”

23 pairs of eyes blinked for a few seconds. Then 23 pairs of hands started clapping accompanied by boisterous cheers.

“O Lord. Such antipathy!” exclaimed Morpheus.

“Not antipathy darling. Its schadenfreude.”

Image from thefreedictionary.com

Written for FOWC with Fandango

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