This week’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt ‘the last photo you took’ asks us to write about what comes to mind when we look at the last photo that we took.

The last photo that I clicked was of a key.

Keys… Life gives us all these keys but leaves it to us to find their missing locks. Do we have the patience, the perseverance and the will to do what it takes to find that locked door and unlock it? Do we have the wisdom to know which door to unlock and which to leave locked? These little tests decide the story of our lives.

I had a lot of keys that I have been too unsure of myself to use. A lot of the times I have just walked through doors that someone else opened for me. Did I always take the right path? No. Did I always take the wrong path? In all fairness I have to reply in the negative to that too. Sure, had I taken all the decisions on my own, I might have taken many of them differently. I might have written myself a different story.

But I realise that I cannot move forward while I am looking back. I still hold some keys. I can still make choices. Age has taught me that I need to walk through some ‘wrong’ doors before I can get to the ‘right’ ones.

So here’s to using some more keys… and may the journey be interesting…   

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