Image credit Pobble365

The councilman leaned back in resignation as the questions hit him like a tornado.

“Are you going to launch an investigation into this matter?”

“Don’t the people have the right to protest?”

“How much is the city going to have to spend to clean this mess?”

“Do you support the budget cuts?”

“Is this a failure of the law? Isn’t this plain truancy?”

Normally a happy and gregarious chap, he hated it when he was forced to comment on delicate matters. This was, in all likelihood, an impetuous protest against yet another reduction in the budget for arts in schools. But a failure to support the people and a failure to control lawlessness were both going to reflect poorly on him.

The councilman beamed one of his usual smiles, and took the podium.

“What you see is not mere graffiti. It is a novel experiment in self-expression and self-transformation launched by the city to help channel our youth towards wholistic expression and to curb the escalating drug problem. We are taking art out of confined rooms and into open streets.”

It was an election year and the councilman knew how to spin any story to his benefit.

Written in response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge #378, using words from the daily prompts Fandango’s One Word Challenge (lean), Word of the Day Challenge (gregarious), Ragtag Daily Prompt (resignation), The Daily Spur (comment), Your Daily Word Prompt (impetuous) and My Vivid Blog (novel)

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