Cats come in many varieties.

Flashback – middle school. Remember the leech with the super vision who would sit slightly behind you and manage to look over your shoulder and through your arms right into your paper, and yet when you tried to do the same you would most certainly be hauled up and have your paper yanked out. Yelp. I hated those successful copycats.

And what about all those copycat criminals we see on tv. They always get caught yet I always loose fingernails over them. I want to hate them too, but let me be honest here, people like me do not get to meet such high flyers or low lives, and the predictable telly is all that I’ve got. So no, I don’t really hate them.

Then there’s the copycat designers who, for the record, I don’t endorse, but if that is all that I can afford then one must not point fingers at the less privileged. Those copycats, I don’t know about.

All of us have that one copycat girlfriend who looks like an individual but amazingly has the same taste and opinions as you, who by some strange coincidence dresses like you right down to the earring you spent hours hunting down and the purse you acquired at the cost of a sore-throat. Soon she even has a boyfriend like yours. Wait. That is your boyfriend. Not only that, but now you have to hear about how surprised she is that he idolises her more than you! This copycat really creeps me out.

Please, don’t let me forget my favourite copycat hypochondriac. You have a stomach ache? She has it worse. You get headaches? Well, she gets migraines. Beat that. You have irritable bowel syndrome. O my God, she has it too. Vertigo? High blood pressure? Spondylitis? Seizures? Stupidity? Piff, she has it all and worse.

Then there’s the copycat intelligentsia. Pilates and zumba is the latest fad in India. The Americas are swearing by yoga. Brunettes dye their hair blond. Blonds dye their hair red. Redheads are trying out purple. Caucasians are in dreadlocks. Budhists are becoming Christians. Christians are following the Dalai Lama. Someone’s copying the iPhone. Someone else is copying that someone. And someone is copying the someone else who is copying the someone who is copying iPhone.

Ofcourse there’s TomKat, Tom the cat, Katniss, Big cat, small cat, cartoon cat, virtual cat, and rats posing as cats.

Holy Cat! I’m no longer sure. Am I the Original Me or the Copycat?

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