Why do we have to go to the museum? It’s boring.

It’s important to learn our lessons from history. We need to know more about the creatures that came before us and the mistakes they made, so that we don’t repeat their mistakes.
Many other creatures have lived amongst us several lifecycles ago. Like us, some were intelligent, could communicate and lived in communities. But unfortunately some of them did not respect the creatures and the flora and fauna around them, and in their hurry to prove themselves the most powerful they ended up destroying the habitat. When this world was spoilt they tried to move to different worlds. But that was not the plan of the creator. Slowly and eventually they disappeared.
No one is very sure about what happened. One theory says that they started a deadly war and everybody disappeared in a cauliflower cloud. Another says that there was a great flood and they were all washed away.

You mean they are gone? Like totally?

Well son, there are rumors that they have been spotted high on the mountains and in some of the deep caverns but we don’t know for sure.

Are they the Big Foot daddy?

No son. They were called Homo Sapiens or Humans. Like that one.

Written for the Sunday Photo Fiction with photo prompt by A Mixed Bag 2012

Picture of apes from poster for movie Planet of the Apes.

11 thoughts on “Lessons

  1. To your point in the comments: What are you talking about – it’s great! If I may be so bold – I’d remove the picture of Caesar at the beginning as it gives away the twist ending…


  2. Wow an interesting thought for one other species. Perhaps that eventually is our end, like the dinosaurd. Then again perhaps the creator’s earth is gone and there’s a new one?


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