Nothing is going well in my life.
Nothing is going badly either.
Basically, nothing is going anywhere.
Its as if I’m in a limbo. A well of nothingness, if you will.
Writer’s block – big time.

My dad, who was a farm boy, used to describe me as a cow. “Put her on a path and she’ll keep ambling along,” was how he would describe me. That’s true. Someone put me on the highway and I continued on it until the end. Now it’s time to choose an alternate path. I would like to say that I am exploring the roads less taken, or even the beaten path. Any path would be something. But I’m standing by the side of the road, feeling all the vehicles pass me by, admiring all the little paths that I could take, and yet not moving. Just looking around wistfully.

My mind is not blank. It’s full of fanciful notions. I am constantly dreaming about stumbling into a situation. Any situation.
One does not stumble if one does not take a step.
I need to take a step.
Just not today.
Some day.
One day.
The day, it is not too far.
It is not too close either.

In response to the Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt: well.

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