A man makes sacrifices to get the things he wants, else the things he wants become the sacrifice. Life was a well weighted cost-benefit analysis with no right answers.

So when lady luck had finally condescended to glance in his direction, he knew it was time to step forward and get acquainted with the world. And yes, choices were made, sacrifices made, relationships shunned, the moral compass had spun around a few times to his varying true north.
But the past was the past and he had put his demons to bed.

True, sometimes, somehow, like now, the ghosts of the past still came out to haunt. For a moment he could hear the laughter of little boys riding the cart, he could smell Mrs. Simpson’s freshly baked cinnamon rolls, he could feel Jamie’s soft woolen coat draped over his shoulders.
But he had already closed the door on that chapter of his life. There was too much water under the bridge.

With one last wistful look at the cart, he drove away.

Inspired by: Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, Week of 18 April 2017
Photo by: Yinglan Z

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